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Firstly I should start by saying that I created this portfolio two years ago – before I got my front-end developer role at Lovespace.  What I could do two years ago, and what I can create now seem worlds apart – so apologies if this is out of date – updating my portfolio is one of my projects for Q1 2019.

I am a self-taught web developer, having learnt by studying and coding 10-15 hours a week outside of a non-coding full-time job.  In April 2017, I became a front-end developer for Lovespace.

At first, I was mainly doing small styling updates, and changes to the jQuery code that powered the order page, and some other functionality across the website.

Since then I have been working on a project to convert the order page from jQuery to AngularJS, along with customer account pages, also converted the WordPress site to Multisite to allow us to expand internationally whilst minimising duplication.

Most recently I led the front-end side of a project to create a dashboard for our business customers, from scoping endpoint requirements, building on top of existing infrastructure, and completing delivery on time (just!).

In my spare time, I have built a couple of small websites for clients – Neary Services and Woodland Tennis – though spare time is pretty limited.

I am not actively looking for a new role, but I’d certainly consider anything interesting within London – something that builds on my current level.  I do really enjoy my current role, I have a fantastic team around me – yet I do occasionally need a little support from more senior members of the team…sometimes I forgot that I have only been a professional developer for less than two years.

I currently work with AngularJS, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, WordPress, PHP, JSON, RESTful APIs and GIT on a daily basis.

In an ideal world, I’d like to learn React or Vue – something that there isn’t scope to do in my current role.

I am quite personable too – I do like to get my head down and work without minimal interruption (not always that possible!), but I’m a good soul to have around.  Plus I have an unusual hairstyle and a good sense of humour, without trying to turn this into my Tinder profile.

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to know more about me, or if you have a role that you think I could be perfect for.

Also happy to take on projects for individuals, self-employed folk or small businesses. If you like what you see give me a call on 07813 981 920 or e-mail me.

Work Achievements

Since April 2017, I have been working at Lovespace as a junior front-end software engineer.

During this time, I have accomplished a serious of significant achievements for a junior developer

Lovespace Website

  • Led front-end part of internationalisation project for Lovespace as we expanded from UK to two new countries, using WordPress Multisite as the base to lead this from.
  • Managing the front-end development of the Lovespace website, via WordPress, JavaScript, AngularJS and (now limited) jQuery.
  • Expanded Wordpress functionality to give more control to the marketing team over the website, via the WP-admin panel.

Lovespace Website Order Funnel

  • Converted order flows from using jQuery to using AngularJS.
  • Recently completed major redesign and revamp of the order funnel - reducing pages, reducing clicks and improving design elements, as per scope from product team.

Image unavailable as internal-only website

Lovespace Admin Site

  • Created new dashboard using AngularJS to help business customers manage their fulfilment stock.
  • Recently started project to improve warehouse performance tracking tools.

I like to believe that I have some interesting experience, from implementing product designs, to leading projects (on the tech side) in internationalisation, and building a brand new admin site for business customers. I have become adept at bug-fixing, willing and capable to lead projects, and also improve processes.

I'm not perfect, I am still relatively new to developing and there is so much that I still need to learn. However, I'm a capable, committed developer and cannpt wait to continue my journey.

Client Work

I do occasionally take on client work, however I have a busy working schedule so it isn't something I do often.

Neary Services

  • WordPress installation, my own design and custom theme - set up with the idea that as his agency expands, the website can become more complex with time.
  • Consistent communication, worked with him to ensure the content matched business requirements - and helped overcome some difficulties with his unhelpful hosting provider.
  • One very happy customer, "I am super happy with the way the website looks", "Thanks again for making this so easy!". We've even been out for a roast dinner since.

Woodland Tennis

  • This arrived as a half-built website - the developer (who was using WP Bakery...not my choice) had disappeared.
  • Once I had understood how it had been set up, it was mainly a case of styling and copying content from a very old website - not the most challenging of jobs.
  • I also created a guide to using WordPress for the organisation's secretary.
  • Another happy customer, "Thanks for all your work. Yes I’m finding it relatively easy to go in and add and change things now, your crib sheet was very helpful! We are certainly happy to recommend you to any friends that are in need!".

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